Summit Deluxe Parts Kit:3,870 Pcs

Product Data
Product Code Color Description
PKIT 12mm Bolts - 100pcs
13mm Gel Nose Pads - 15pcs
Black & Brown Temple Tips - 48pcs
Compression Mounts - 400pcs
Eyewire Screws - 600pcs
Large Head Screws - 400pcs
Metal Nuts - 400pcs
Metal Washers - 100pcs
Nose Pad Screws - 400pcs
Plastic Caps - 50pcs
Plastic T Washers - 100pcs
Plastic Washers - 200pcs
PVC Pads (Asst. Sizes) 120pcs
Self Tapping Screws - 800pcs
Silicone Nose Pads ( Asst. Sizes) - 120pcs
Summit Cleaning Cloth - 1pc
Summit Screwdriver Blades(Asst.) - 5pcs
Summit Screwdriver - 1pc
Summit Tweezer - 1pc
Unifit Bridge(Asst. Sizes) - 9pcs

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